There are some things only the locals know about. The best mud sliding spot in Nova Scotia is one of them. Let us take you there so you can experience this Nova Scotian rite of passage on the banks of the Shubenacadie River! 

This tour is offered from June until September and is approximately 3 hours in length. Included is transportation to and from; a fun, energetic, local tour guide; signature treats from Made With Local and tasty shots from Coldstream Clear Distillery. You will need to bring a bathing suit and/or old clothes, a towel and a change of clothes.

The price listed is before tax. Reservations are required - credit card information needs to be provided when booking the tour. Tours operate on a minimum of 4 people. If the tour is cancelled within 72 hours of departure, the tour is 100% non-refundable. To reserve your Mud Sliding Tour, please contact Tanya at 902-956-8086 or    

  • COST: $29/person (based on 6 people) or $39/person (based on 4 people)

  • DEPARTS FROM: Customized pick-up/drop-off location will be determined based on customer's needs

  • DEPARTURE TIMES: Check back for 2019 tour dates and times.

Thank you for the chance to experience the Fundy mud slides for the first time. The water temperature was quite warm and comfortable! The Atlantic Ocean has the reputation of being very cold, so it was a pleasant surprise to hop into warm waters. The mud was also very clean mud - who knew that existed?! It was free of any sharp rocks, twigs or other debris. It was nice to jump in, lay in and sink your toes into with confidence. Mud slides are a lot faster then you think! I’ve visited the West Coast of Canada and the East, and this definitely felt like an authentic East Coast experience - I’ve never seen mud sliding like this before!
— Marc & Sarah, Truro