I'm about to squash some barriers you might have for not taking this tour...

  • Think you can't participate because you don't have a bike + helmet? We will provide them for you!
  • Haven't been on a bike in years? This isn't a race. We go at the speed you are comfortable. 
  • Are you unsure about biking off designated paths? We have a knowledgeable guide from Bike Monkey who will help you along the way with any questions or guidance you may need to ensure you feel safe and comfortable. Our tour is a mix between trails and road to ensure maximum benefit. We want you to get the most out of the tour by enjoying scenic trails and also being comfortable biking near traffic. 
  • Don't like beer? Sorry, can't help you there......

Our first stop is the Truro Tidal Bore. A Tidal Bore is a tidal phenomenon in which the leading edge of the incoming tide forms a wave of water that travels up a river or narrow bay against the direction of the river or bay's current. It is fascinating to watch the bay fill up in a matter of minutes as the water flows in two different directions. 

Along the way we get to enjoy some delicious snacks from NovelTea Bookstore Cafe, tasty beer samples from Salty Dog Brewing Company and learn about this beautiful town.

Our final stop is Victoria Park to visit the falls. If this tour takes you to Victoria Park for the first time, you must come back again to explore on your own. It is a natural woodland park of roughly 1,000 acres in the center of town. It consists of multiple walking/biking trails, two sets of waterfalls, a bandshell, picnic areas, splash pad, playground, outdoor pool, canteen and more! You could easily spend a day in the park adventuring around! 

At the end of the tour, you will also receive exclusive coupons from My Home Apparel, Beck and Boosh and Sea Shell Design for a little downtown shopping!

Book your Bike Tour today for only $44/person (or $39 if you have your own bike)! Contact Raven at 902-956-2300 or