Tricks of the Trade - Travel Delays


Happy 2017! Although I (Celine) am nearing the end of my time here in Canada, I wanted to share with you some of my latest travel adventures before I depart. The last week of 2016 was amazing for me! My boyfriend, who is visiting for the last month I am here, and I got to spend a couple of days with his family in New Jersey! I had never met them before but as you know I love meeting new people.  We flew from Halifax to Boston where we had a layover and then flew from Boston to Newark. Unfortunately, we were reminded that traveling via air isn’t always as luxurious as we sometimes think.

The flight from Halifax to Boston was perfect. It was a short flight, on a small plane and it was on time. When we arrived in Boston it was 4:30pm and our flight was scheduled to leave at 8pm. We didn’t bring any food except for two chocolate bars, thinking that we would eat something at the airport, and that we would be at the family’s house between 10 and 11pm.  So, by the time we had gone through security, you can understand we were getting pretty hungry. We went to look for some food, but everything was in the process of closing down. By that time, our flight had been delayed, and we had no idea if it was going to depart at all. We settled in for a long wait at the gate.

At that moment, I committed to myself that in future I would bring my own sandwich or something to eat just in case. I mean, everybody knows the feeling when you think of something you should have done, when you no longer have the chance to do it, right? Knowing you all said yes, here are a few of my tips to keep in mind when travelling:

1.       Take some food! You can make a sandwich at home and bring it on the plane, most things (food wise) you’re allowed to bring through security when flying. Make sure to check online if you’re hesitant on bringing any certain kind of food.

2.       Dress comfortable, yes it sounds obvious… In my case, I was wearing high-waist jeans that in the end weren’t feeling that comfortable anymore. And why? I wanted to look good for the family when I finally met them for the first time. Note to self: because we arrived in the middle of the night, due to the delay, nobody noticed my clothes!

3.       Bring your own entertainment! Nothing is worse than being stuck in an airport when you have absolutely nothing to do. It’s easier if you have a couple of choices. For instance, a tablet with some games and books on it is perfect; you can alternate between reading, playing games, and surfing the web (luckily most airports have free WiFi).

4.       Communicating. If someone is picking you up from the airport, make sure you have a good way of communicating with them. If you’re traveling to a different country, using your cellphone can become pretty expensive. Make arrangements, and let them know how you’ll check in with them, for example via email. This can save you a big phone bill at the end of the month!

5.       And last but not least, get comfortable in your seat. If you have a trolley, you can put it in front of you and put your feet up. A big blanket scarf also comes in very handy when you want a warm blanket.

Although the flight finally departed and we did make it to our destination, as a result of this latest adventure, we will think twice about what we need to prepare/take with us before our next journey. We hope you do too!  Happy trails!