For our Mud Sliding Tour we take you to the perfect slippery banks in South Maitland - only the locals know where to find it ;)


Our friends from Made With Local supplied these yummy bars for us! 

They source a variety of lovely local ingredients from farmers and food producers in Nova Scotia and use them to make their Real Food Bars and their Loaded Oats. They use "The Flowercart Group" in New Minas to make their products. They are a supported workplace program for folks with barriers to mainstream employment. Everything is made and packaged by hand. 

We also got some goodies from our friends at Coldstream Clear Distillery! 

Countless hours were spent researching methods and learning the art and science of distillation. Having the existing resource of the best water around (Panacea Spring Water) and knowing they could create something people could genuinely enjoy, they made the decision to open their own distillery. Since then, those who have come to know of the distillery have shown interest, excitement, and an abundance of encouragement. They are thrilled to be able to bring their fine spirits to life!

Whether you are sliding down the banks, lounging in the mud, swimming around or having a good 'ole mud fight - you are bound to get down + dirty!!

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Beer, wine, food......enough said.

Oh, did I forget to mention golf? Yeah, we also have an additional golf package at Fox Harb'r if you so choose. (Which you should. It's totally worth it!)

I feel like I don't even need to write much because these pictures speak for themselves. But I will tell you a little bit about Tatamagouche Brewing Company. 

They are a family owned and operated microbrewery located in the heart of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. In 2014, they converted an old butcher shop into a community brewery where they make small batches of organic, tasty handcrafted beer.


Let's not forget about the wine people! The Jost family planted the first vines in 1978 and the winery was officially licensed in 1983. The winery store was opened in 1986 and quickly became a hub for community events and activities.

Carl and Donna Sparkes founded Devonian Coast Wineries in 2011, then purchased the already established and respected Jost Vineyards. Bringing with them a commitment to more education, scientific analysis of soil types, and new plantings, it is a new beginning for the winery. With this came a massive redesign and renovation of the winery and its facilities as well as changes in winemaking and viticulture.

Enjoy the other stops along the way - The Chowder House, Appleton Chocolates and The Tipperary Bakery & Cafe. Also, if golf isn't your thing, we also have a Train Station Inn option or a beach option as well. Lots to choose from :) 

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  1. Do you love a one of a kind find?
  2. Do you love shopping and supporting local?
  3. Do you love home made food?
  4. Do you love browsing incredible artwork?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then this is the tour for you!


On our Artsy Antiquey Tour, we take you to see some hidden gems that a lot of people that live here haven't even seen. From looking through rooms and rooms of antiques for that unique find, to tasting artisanal cheeses, to looking out over some incredible views, this tour is sure to please!

This is Andrew Meredith and his grandmother from The Farm Gate. Andrew makes beautiful artwork (you may even get to meet him by chance) and his grandmother makes all kinds of homemade goodies and they even do their own meat!

Get chased around by one of these beautiful creatures at That Dutchman's Cheese Farm, eat a delicious meal at Mo's Family Restaurant and visit the gallery of Joy Laking (you might even get to meet her as well if she is around)!

Book your Artsy Antiquey Tour today for only $59/person! Contact Raven at 902-956-2300 or

PS, did you know we had someone come AL THE WAY from The Isle of Man just to do this tour?! 

Okay, okay...she didn't come here just for that, but it was definitely something she enjoyed doing during her visit. What better way to take in the town you're visiting than to have an OOB tour guide drive you around?!


Are you looking for an overnight getaway packed full of adventure? Then look no further! We will take you to the beautiful Cape Breton Island on an overnight camping trip. You will get to experience the breathtaking views of the Cabot Trail, enjoy delicious food and go on some exciting excursions!

We will camp at the Cape Breton Highlands National park (gear is provided by Live Life In Tents) and go on sensory night hike! Of course for all you camping fanatics, we have a Bring Your Own Gear option; but for those who don't have their own gear, what better way to try out camping without spending a fortune on buying all the stuff?

Talk about peaceful.

Remember these guys from the Mud Sliding Tour? Well on this tour we get to have their Loaded Oats for breakfast. How awesome is that?! 

Relax and enjoy a fun and informative sailing tour with Amoeba Sailing Tours on day one. 

On day two, we kick it up a notch and take off with CB West SUP down the Margaree River to do some stand up paddle boarding. 

Book your Explore (Y)our Home Tour (Cape Breton) today, starting at $219/person! Contact Raven at 902-956-2300 or


I'm about to squash some barriers you might have for not taking this tour...

  • Think you can't participate because you don't have a bike + helmet? We will provide them for you!
  • Haven't been on a bike in years? This isn't a race. We go at the speed you are comfortable. 
  • Are you unsure about biking off designated paths? We have a knowledgeable guide from Bike Monkey who will help you along the way with any questions or guidance you may need to ensure you feel safe and comfortable. Our tour is a mix between trails and road to ensure maximum benefit. We want you to get the most out of the tour by enjoying scenic trails and also being comfortable biking near traffic. 
  • Don't like beer? Sorry, can't help you there......

Our first stop is the Truro Tidal Bore. A Tidal Bore is a tidal phenomenon in which the leading edge of the incoming tide forms a wave of water that travels up a river or narrow bay against the direction of the river or bay's current. It is fascinating to watch the bay fill up in a matter of minutes as the water flows in two different directions. 

Along the way we get to enjoy some delicious snacks from NovelTea Bookstore Cafe, tasty beer samples from Salty Dog Brewing Company and learn about this beautiful town.

Our final stop is Victoria Park to visit the falls. If this tour takes you to Victoria Park for the first time, you must come back again to explore on your own. It is a natural woodland park of roughly 1,000 acres in the center of town. It consists of multiple walking/biking trails, two sets of waterfalls, a bandshell, picnic areas, splash pad, playground, outdoor pool, canteen and more! You could easily spend a day in the park adventuring around! 

At the end of the tour, you will also receive exclusive coupons from My Home Apparel, Beck and Boosh and Sea Shell Design for a little downtown shopping!

Book your Bike Tour today for only $44/person (or $39 if you have your own bike)! Contact Raven at 902-956-2300 or


Road Trip

This wood covered bridge in Hartland, New Brunswick is the longest wood covered bridge in the world.

This wood covered bridge in Hartland, New Brunswick is the longest wood covered bridge in the world.

Hi! Celine here!

I am someone who thoroughly enjoys driving, and as such, I do so whenever I get the chance. In fact, I recently went on a road trip with three of my friends from Truro, Nova Scotia. We had a great ride – a classic old station wagon - and family to visit in Kingston, Ontario, so we decided we would pay them a visit!

We started driving early Wednesday morning, with the goal for the day to reach Quebec City and have some fun getting there. We didn’t use our navigation system unless we were really lost. We used as many old highways as possible. When you stay off the highways you see so many more beautiful sights and you come across a lot of fun stops; , and many of those usually only the locals know about - which means you know they are good!

Going “old school” with a map, and without highways, you come across some pretty cool things. We stumbled upon a very cool wood covered bridge. This bridge lies in Hartland, New Brunswick, and is the longest wood covered bridge in the world. This 390 meter (1,282-ft.) bridge was officially opened on July 4th, 1901 and dates back to the time when people were using a horse and carriage to get around. The bridge was covered in 1920-1921 and it was then it became the landmark it is today.

Along our journey, we found some stellar microbreweries. One of the breweries we saw was Railcar Brewing Company in Florenceville-Bristol in New Brunswick. This brewery is a nano-brewery, they offer growler fills for 1L or 2L bottles of fresh beer, a wide selection of craft beer from the maritime and beyond, and a variety of high-quality merchandise. We made sure we decided who was going to be driving next so that the rest could dive into some local beers. We were the only customers since it was still pretty early and we tried some pretty good craft beers. Not only were the beers delicious, we also had a lot of fun and got to hear some great stories from the bartender, who also happened to be the owner!

These are just two of the highlights from our adventure, but two of our favs! We got to see some amazing things we wouldn’t have seen traveling by highway. I highly recommend taking some back roads and old highways once in a while to see what else the areas you’re traveling through have to offer when you travel out of bounds!

Tricks of the Trade - Travel Delays


Happy 2017! Although I (Celine) am nearing the end of my time here in Canada, I wanted to share with you some of my latest travel adventures before I depart. The last week of 2016 was amazing for me! My boyfriend, who is visiting for the last month I am here, and I got to spend a couple of days with his family in New Jersey! I had never met them before but as you know I love meeting new people.  We flew from Halifax to Boston where we had a layover and then flew from Boston to Newark. Unfortunately, we were reminded that traveling via air isn’t always as luxurious as we sometimes think.

The flight from Halifax to Boston was perfect. It was a short flight, on a small plane and it was on time. When we arrived in Boston it was 4:30pm and our flight was scheduled to leave at 8pm. We didn’t bring any food except for two chocolate bars, thinking that we would eat something at the airport, and that we would be at the family’s house between 10 and 11pm.  So, by the time we had gone through security, you can understand we were getting pretty hungry. We went to look for some food, but everything was in the process of closing down. By that time, our flight had been delayed, and we had no idea if it was going to depart at all. We settled in for a long wait at the gate.

At that moment, I committed to myself that in future I would bring my own sandwich or something to eat just in case. I mean, everybody knows the feeling when you think of something you should have done, when you no longer have the chance to do it, right? Knowing you all said yes, here are a few of my tips to keep in mind when travelling:

1.       Take some food! You can make a sandwich at home and bring it on the plane, most things (food wise) you’re allowed to bring through security when flying. Make sure to check online if you’re hesitant on bringing any certain kind of food.

2.       Dress comfortable, yes it sounds obvious… In my case, I was wearing high-waist jeans that in the end weren’t feeling that comfortable anymore. And why? I wanted to look good for the family when I finally met them for the first time. Note to self: because we arrived in the middle of the night, due to the delay, nobody noticed my clothes!

3.       Bring your own entertainment! Nothing is worse than being stuck in an airport when you have absolutely nothing to do. It’s easier if you have a couple of choices. For instance, a tablet with some games and books on it is perfect; you can alternate between reading, playing games, and surfing the web (luckily most airports have free WiFi).

4.       Communicating. If someone is picking you up from the airport, make sure you have a good way of communicating with them. If you’re traveling to a different country, using your cellphone can become pretty expensive. Make arrangements, and let them know how you’ll check in with them, for example via email. This can save you a big phone bill at the end of the month!

5.       And last but not least, get comfortable in your seat. If you have a trolley, you can put it in front of you and put your feet up. A big blanket scarf also comes in very handy when you want a warm blanket.

Although the flight finally departed and we did make it to our destination, as a result of this latest adventure, we will think twice about what we need to prepare/take with us before our next journey. We hope you do too!  Happy trails!


meet Celine


Hello you! Welcome to my first blog post! My name is Celine, I’m 20 years old and I am from the Netherlands. I recently started working as an intern at Langille & Colburne – More Than Events (based in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada), and I have been loving every minute of it!

Now some of you might think, what is she doing here so far away from home? The thing is, I just love to travel and see the world. I love to meet new people and get to know other cultures by trying to be a part of it as much as possible during my stay. What better way to do that than to work in another culture for half a year!? You get to see parts of a country which you wouldn’t have time for when you’re just coming over for a holiday.

There is so much to see outside of city limits that is not included in the travel guides and the best way to see those spots is to team-up with a local. I have always been very lucky because I’ve had lots of offerings from locals to show me around.

A couple of years ago my family and I were on vacation in New York. While my mom and I were shopping in a big department store, a lady who worked there approached us. She could tell we were tourists and asked how long we were going to be in town for. We told her we were leaving on Saturday and the lady looked very disappointed. She said she would have liked to take us to a mass in a Christian church in Harlem, but the masses were only on Sundays. Since we couldn’t do that she offered to give us a tour through Harlem on another day. If it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t have seen any part of it!

Unfortunately, we’re not always that lucky. But, do not fear, there are other ways to ensure you have the same experience(s)…

A lot of cities have their own guided tours and most of them are led by local people. In the big cities there are obviously more guided tours to choose from; I usually try to find a company where I’m 100% sure the guide is a local (these are smaller companies most of the time). This is so much easier than walking around town, trying to find a pub, brewery or a restaurant where only locals go. Spotting tourists isn’t the hard part and you only have to avoid them to find some local pearls. But if you’re on a tour you can always ask the guide what his/her favorite place is. Because if you go to a good local place, not only can you dive into local goodies, it’s the perfect place to meet new people!

Guided tours save you the trouble of running blind to try to find the right spots and the right people who are willing to show you around, they’ve done the research, and already know what the authentic experience is all about. That is part of the reason I signed-up with L&C – their Out of Bounds guided tours focus on rural, and truly doing what the locals do! The best part, while I’m here in Canada, I am going to be helping to develop some of the OOB tours, so please stay tuned!

out of bounds


As our tagline states, we describe Langille & Colburne – More Than Events is a firm best known for Creating Destinations for business, communities and events.  That could not be more true than it is with our passion project - Out of Bounds. Travelers at heart, Amanda and I have had the great fortune of exploring all over the world – think China, the US, Europe, and of course, all over Canada! And… although we’ve both had some incredibly memorable experiences in some of the largest cities across the globe, most of our favorite tales have come from our rural escapades, which is where Out of Bounds stems from! Get outside city limits. Be rural. Go Out of Bounds! That’s what we’ve done, and always seeking the “do what the locals do” exploits first, we figured it was time that those living in or visiting our neighborhood (rural Nova Scotia) had the chance to do the same. Having both moved away for a few years after university, when it was time to settle down to raise our families, we both made the choice to move back home. I grew-up in a very small town called Portaupique, and Amanda hails from Londonderry – that’s as rural as it gets! That said, despite their size, our small towns have a lot to offer, as do many other rural communities throughout the Maritimes. The problem is, few are in the know! So, we’ve made it our mission to showcase just how cool (it’s a cheesy word, but it says it all) rural can be! We do our market research, and we try and test every itinerary we create, so when you’re ready to give it a go, you know you’re in for an epic journey! So, start today and choose your next adventure - it will be one not soon to be forgotten!